Shadow Unit

Just go, she thought, and hefted the backpack. Just disappear.

Eugene's snores echoed under the rising wind. It was difficult to think of hurting him, but the voices, the voices were calling. The bell of her childhood schoolyard chapel; Professor Liu's precise baritone and Nohkom's whispered Turtle Mountain Cree. A Stan Rogers men's choir, the tenor voice breaking like a caught breath on the high notes.

They knew her: Every shred and inch, everything she loved and hated. Not her bra size, not her diagnoses, not a volley of guesses at the heritage of her face. She was known, inside, for the first time ever.

It didn't make it easier to walk away.

Due North - by Leah Bobet

Establishing shot, Brady thought. Interior. Briefing Closet. A full house, or as full as it gets these days.

Stephen Reyes is in his old chair, back to the wall, one leg stretched out to ease a gitchy knee. Hafidha Gates and her laptop command the foot of the table, though she makes it seem like the head. Esther Falkner stands beside the door like a sentry. Even Sol Todd is in the house today, and the rest of the team--Nikki Lau, Arthur Tan, Chaz Villette, and the ruggedly handsome Daniel Brady--are in their accustomed places.

Dark Leader - by Elizabeth Bear, Will Shetterly, and Emma Bull

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The FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit hunts humanity's nightmares. But there are nightmares humanity doesn't dream are real.

The Behavioral Analysis Unit sends those cases down the hall.

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