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Facebook chat transcript, Somewhere in the internet, April 7, 2009

Charles Villette                     8:54pm
So when last we spoke, you were packing for a position in Ohio. How'd a brilliant young statistician like yourself wind up in scenic Iowa?

Rohit Mehta                           8:55pm
I'm a two for one, actually. University of Iowa wanted David, and he made them take me as a dual hire. This is tt line and Akron was never going to give me tenure anyway, not unless the department head got hit by a truck, so here I am.

Rohit Mehta                           8:55pm
What are you doing in DC? Teaching at GWU? Tell me it's not some conservative think tank. Actually, tell me it is, and you can buy me dinner someplace incredibly expensive.

Charles                                 8:55pm
Oh, like that's gonna happen. I'm a poor public servant. I got a job at the FBI.

Rohit                                     8:55pm
You're an analyst? I thought that was more a CIA kind of deal. Ooo, my roomie the spook!

Charles                                8:56pm
Umfieldagentaksually. Like on TV.

Rohit                                    8:56pm
...with a gun? Also like on TV? Are there helicopters? You did the whole Quantico thing?

Charles                                8:57pm
Well. Not so much like on TV. Mostly I push paper. Piles and piles and piles of paper. ViCAP is on the internet as of last summer and one of my jobs is sorting through incoming reports, some of which are like, thirty years young and just getting typed in by temps and interns now.

Rohit                                     8:58pm
You're a field agent? Oh my God. Is this some kind of community service deal for all the shit you used to jump off of???