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From the Shadow Unit season one boxed set, DVD commentary track on "Overkill" (01.07)

CAMRYN KAUFMANN: For this shot I actually had to learn to climb, sort of.

ROBERT X. AGUILERA: Sort of is a generous way of putting it--

CAM: Shutup. And I'm so afraid of heights. And I'm stuck up there twenty-five feet off the floor about to pee myself I'm so scared, and I'm trying to cover it up, and the cameras are rolling, and Beto hollers the line about "Now stand up on it!"

And I lose it. I scream, "Bring your face over here and I'll stand on THAT, you effing orangutang!" Except, you know. I didn't say "effing." The crew goes nuts, whooping and cheering. Beto screams, I mean, screams with laughter, because, you know, release of tension.

And I get this burst of adrenaline that's just "WHOA!" and I jump and totally stick the hold. Perfect! Except we can't use it. BECAUSE I SAID THE F WORD.

After that I couldn't stop laughing long enough to climb, so we had to patch in my double after all. And she went up there like the Itsy Bitsy Spider.

BETO: Oh yeah, and the fact that I was in the shot, supposedly belaying you, and I laughed so hard I sat down on the pad had nothing to do with wasting the take--

CAM: Dude. It's all about me. You should know that by now.