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Somewhere in Virginia, Spring, 1997

Todd said, "Someday, we'll get to one before the hard boys. And what are we going to do with that person when we do? This place can hold Eileen Cho--"

"This place," Reyes said. "It needs to be able to really, really hold McCain, also. It needs to be a treatment facility--a hospital--not a warehouse."

"Can we do that?"

"Two officers and six civilians dead in the Topeka gas station outbreak. One agent, four civilians, and three local law enforcement dead in the Marion hospital outbreak. McCain's victims. Kelly's victims. Persuasive arguments, right?" Reyes turned his gaze from the road. His hands tightened on the steering wheel. "We can't. But Celentano can."

"A Supermax hospital for supervillains? Who do you get to staff Arkham Asylum?"

"A shrink who's seen the effects first hand?"

Todd blinked. "Ramachandran? After what the guy in Marion did to his daughter--"

Reyes shrugged. "He's a good shrink. Odds on he's already well on the way to developing a mission to understand and heal whoever the anomaly's touched. Reaction formation: it looked like the way he'd go. He'll jump at the chance for positive action."

"Watch the road, please?"

When Reyes turned his attention back to driving, Todd looked out the passenger window. Eventually, he sighed. "You're creepy."

Out of the corner of his eye, Todd saw Reyes grin. "Sure. But I'm not wrong."